• Mattress JANET 200x200

Mattress JANET 200x200

  • 950.00€

  • Product Code: JANET-LV
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

Combined orthopedic mattress with different quality sides. Instead of a spring block, a complex structure is used, consisting of several layers of natural fillers: coconut coir, perforated latex and sea grass. Latex is an elastic, elastic, hypoallergenic filler that provides maximum comfort; additional perforation increases its thermoregulatory properties and breathability. Coconut coir imparts high orthopedic rigidity to the surface. Sea grass, in turn, has medium surface hardness and a cool feeling in summer. This combination of materials allows it to withstand heavy loads during operation. Special, environmentally friendly impregnations prevent dust and parasitic insects from penetrating into the mattress. Has all orthopedic properties. Winter summer.

sheep's wool
sea grass 3 cm
latex 2 cm - 3 layers
coconut coir 2 cm - 3 layers
latex 3 cm
removable quilted cover
Height: 19 cm

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