• Mattress KAREN LUX 120x200

Mattress KAREN LUX 120x200

  • 245.00€

  • Product Code: KAREN-LUX-LV
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

Combined orthopedic mattress with different quality sides. Essentially, these are two mattresses in one, and you can achieve greater surface rigidity by simply turning the mattress over. This mattress is based on an independent spring block “Pocket Spring”, which ensures uniform distribution of the load, thereby achieving optimal support for the body and spine during sleep. Thus, the entire surface of the mattress completely follows the silhouette, giving maximum comfort during sleep. Foam rubber (polyurethane foam ) environmentally friendly, elastic, durable and hypoallergenic material, a very common filler, withstands strong and prolonged loads, imparts medium rigidity on one side and coconut coir, which gives high orthopedic rigidity to the surface on the other side. Has all orthopedic properties. Special, environmentally friendly impregnations prevent dust and parasitic insects from penetrating into the mattress.Winter-Summer.

Recommended weight for a person up to 105 kg

foam rubber 2 cm
block of independent springs "Poket",
coconut coir 2 cm
removable quilted cover
Height: 20 cm

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